New Ownership

Hello Valued Customers,

We are happy to announce to that Training Tracker, LLC, based in Madison, WI, has purchased the Training Tracker Software from Computer Directions, LLC.

Training Tracker is taking over support and operations of the Training Tracker Web 7 Software application. During this period of transition from Computer Directions to Training Tracker, you should not notice any significant changes. However, if you are on the older web or PC versions, you will see an occasional error message as these versions are no longer supported. You are encouraged to contact Jen to start the migration process to the newer TT 7 web version

Future Goals for the Training Tracker software:

  • Add self-service & automated billing option

  • Add self-service bulk uploading

  • Continue to enhance the usefulness and usability of the application

Please feel free to contact Jen with questions at

Training Tracker, LLC

309 W Washington Ave #612

Madison, WI 53703

Telephone: +1 866-571-2108


Vic, Computer Directions, LLC

Jen, Training Tracker LLC

Archive Training

You may have noticed the new "Archive" button on the Trainee Tab in Training Tracker.  Now you can move employees that are no longer with your company out of the active reporting, while maintaining their records for auditing purposes, or in case they return to the company. 

Archiving is slightly different from making a task inactive.  An inactive task remains on the Tasks tab, and shows up in reports on the Assignments tab, but cannot be assigned as part of a new task.  Archived trainees are removed from the trainees tab, and their assignments are removed from the assignments tab, unless you specifically choose to view them.  

Archived employees (trainees) can also be brought back, or un-archived, along with their training, if they return to the company. 

Here is a how-to guide on archiving.