Pricing and Editions
Price basic cactus

Basic Features (See Below)

10GB Space for Attachments

Price pro rocket

All The Features Of Basic, Plus

Barcode Scanning

30GB Space for Attachments

Price enterprise school

All The Features Of Pro, Plus

Delegate Multiple Divisions/Facilities To Different Training Managers

50GB Space for Attachments


Basic Features

Training Tracker is a cloud-based multi-user system. You access it through a web browser from an internet-connected device.

Track Employee Training. Enter your employees/trainees, assign training with a due date. Add a completion date when training is done.

Expiration date can be entered upon completion of training, or automatically calculated.

Repeat or Renew. When you mark training as complete, the system can automatically assign new training due next year or next month (based on a time period you specify).

Email Training Reminders. Email Trainees with upcoming (due) training, or a history of training completed.

User-Defined Fields. If our employee fields (job title, department, etc.) aren't enough to filter your reports, you can add "tags" to trainees which can be used to search and filter.

Rich Reporting. You can view completed/incomplete training by trainee, by training task, and narrow down by job title, department, category, or tag.

Group Tasks. Create groups of training tasks, for example by job title, to assign all of the tasks to one or more employee at with only a few clicks.

Track Training Hours, CEUs, Cost associated with training.

Archive Employees so their records remain in the system, but don't show up in active reports.

Role-based Security allows you to define and assign various access levels for employees.

Audit Log. Training Tracker keeps a record of all training data changes that are made in the system.

Compliance without the headaches