Why should the manufacturing industry use Training Tracker?

OSHA compliance audits can be devastating if you're unprepared.

Training Tracker software provides a simple, single source for all employee training records and reporting tools.

Making sure your employees are up-to-date on their required training is critical for your manufacturing company to stay in compliance. One bad OSHA audit can have costly penalties, and can even result in your operation getting shut down until you’re back in compliance. With Training Tracker’s simple, straightforward system, you can easily keep your manufacturing organization in compliance with OSHA standards, and stop messing around with clunky spreadsheets.

Save time, streamline communication, and maintain compliance.

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Save time

No more clunky spreadsheets - everything related to training is in one place. Onboarding task groups get employees trained faster. Central management of all certifications reduces administrative hours spent staying up on compliance efforts.

Streamline communications

Quickly generate class attendance and sign-in sheets. Reminder emails reduce employee certifications lapses. Know exactly when employees complete training, with one source of truth.

Maintain compliance

Customizable reports make regulatory audit prep easy. Quickly generate training history reports and signature logs with just a couple of clicks. Easily see which employees have expiring training, and give them a clear action plan to renew their compliance training.

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