Barcoding Features

Barcode scanner scanning employee badge

Scan Employee Badges

Speed up your data entry in Training Tracker using a barcode scanner. There are two ways to do it.

Scan Badges. At the end of a training course, you can scan employee badges. When you upload the scans into Training Tracker, it will mark the training assignment as complete. If your employees already have barcoded name badges, you can enter the badge numbers into Training Tracker. If not, you can print barcode labels on regular mailing label stock.



Barcode Scanner scanning barcodes on a class roll sign-in sheet

Scan a Sign-In Sheet

Scan the sign-in sheet. Training Tracker can print a class roll or sign-in sheet that contains a barcode on each line. The instructor (or each trainee) initials next to their name. When the sheet is returned to you, you can scan it at your desk, and upload the data.

The barcode module is an add-on to the PC edition, and is included in the Web Enterprise and On Premise editions.